Adriana Aviation is a fully EASA certified Approved Training Organization (ATO). Adriana Aviation is one of the largest aviation educators in Poland and has many years of experience in training professional pilots. All instruction is given in English and the theory plus practical lessons are provided according the highest industry standards. This is done in our new training facilities on our own airfield!


Adriana Aviation has its own unique campus at the airport of Watorowo (EPWT) where you can stay during your training. The costs to stay here are only € 100, – Euro per week! You literally step out of your bed and directly into the classroom or the airplane.

As a result, we can offer the training very efficiently so there is no need for traveling to and from the training location. This saves a lot of extra time and costs. We also have a fully equipped kitchen wich you can use to cook meals. Going out for dinner is of course always an option!

Adriana Aviation also has its own car to rent at a very low rate. You can use the car in your free time. For example to go shopping. Or to visit the beautiful medieval city of Torun or the modern city of Bydgoszcz. In short, enough opportunities to make your stay during the training a real pleasure.

Adriana Aviation entry
Adriana Aviation Campus
Adriana Aviation car
Adriana Aviation office
Adriana Aviation Campus
Alsim ALX27 FNPT2


We have a modern fleet of aircraft. This includes two Tecnam P2002JF, two Tecnam P2006T, a Cessna 172 and several Cessna C150. The state of the art Alsim ALX27 FNPT II simulator used IR training.

All aircraft are maintained by our own CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) service. So that the aircraft can be safely used almost continuously for training flights.

We are an official training partner of Bristol Groundschool, which gives us the opportunity to offer high-quality ATPL distance learning courses.

The theory and practical lessons take place at our own airport Watorowo (EPWT), an uncontrolled airport located a few miles away from the controlled airport of Bydgoszcz (EPBY). From the beginning you gain experience with professional radio and flight planning procedures. We work with English speaking instructors, and all theory content, including exams, are in English.

Tecnam P2002JF
Tecnam P2006T
Tecnam P2002JF cockpit
Tecnam P2006T
Cessna C150
Aircraft position light

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