Before commencing your flight training at Adriana Aviation Flight Academy you will need to meet the following requirements:
– Age from 17 years
– Successfully completed secondary education or pre-university education with mathematics, physics and English
– Assistance for VISA can be provided
– Anyone wishing to obtain his/her commercial flight license will need to obtain a medical class I.

Tecnam P2002JF cockpit


During this program you will be trained from zero to become a professional airline pilot. After succesful completion you will attain the EASA frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). Ready for your first airline job. Our focus on positive behavior, motivation and CRM (Crew Resource Management) together with the performance and the right knowledge of the student, ensures a high standard. This standard is essential in the initial phase of your pilot career as airlines are looking for these prerequisites. We intensively coach and guide you during the training so that your concentration is fully focused on study and flying. Attaining the best results. After successfull completion of the course, you will be ready for your first airline job.

PRICE €47.500 Euro

Cockpit P2002JF


For PPL(A) holders who already have some experience. We take in account that you will start initially from module 3 as seen below on this page. During this program you will be trained according a syllabus wich is specialy designed for you. It ofcourse depends on the amount of experience already gained.  After succeful completion you will attain the EASA frozen ATPL  wich will lead you to your first airline job. This program is also known as the modular  EASA MEP(L)+ME/IR+CPL.

PRICE €16.900 Euro

– Selection
– Medical Class 1
– VFR Radiotelephony (RT)
– PPL Theory
– PPL (Private Pilot License)

– ATPL Ground School
– 14 ATPL theory exams at CAA in Warsaw, Poland
– Nightrating 4 hours theory
– Nightrating 5 hours TECNAM P2002JF
– 100 hours of Hourbuilding PIC (Pilot in Command)
– IFR Radiotelephony (IFR RT)

                      – MEP(L) (Multi Engine Piston Land)

                       – 8 Hours groundschool MEP(L) (Multi Engine)

                       – 6 hours MEP(L) TECNAM P2006T

                      – IR (Instrument Rating)

– 5 hours IR (Instrument Rating) groundschool
– 8 hours PBN (Performance Based Navigation) theory
– 40 hours on the simulator FNPT II
– 15 hours practical IR on the TECNAM P2006T

– CPL (Commercial Pilot License)

– 10 hours single engine
– 5 hours TECNAM P2006T
– APS-MCC (Airline Pilot Standards – Multi Crew Cooperation)*

*Not included in price

– Advice on Airline Pilot Assessments
– Support for creating a professional pilot CV
– Push though


Are you ready to embark your journey as a pilot?
Apply now and take off with us!


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