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EASA approved Airline Pilot Standard ( APS MCC ) advanced course

Simtech Aviation’s Airline Pilot Standard or ‘APS MCC’ is an advanced MCC course that trains pilots to be ready for the Type Rating. The course is structured to enhance the pilot knowledge of Boeing’s SOP’s, airline line operations and handling characteristics of the 737-800 aircraft both in normal and non-normal operations. The pilot will also get a firm understanding of the complex aircraft systems and extensive use of the 737-800 FMS.

This course is spread over 16 days


Ground school




40 hours: 737-800 simulator

The combined APS/MCC course is conducted using an iPad/tablet while taught by our highly experienced, EASA approved instructors.

The course will cover:

  • CRM
  • Airline Operations
  • Aircraft Technical Type SOP's & Profiles
  • UPRT
  • General Handling
  • Complex Systems & FMS

All the instructors at Simtech Aviation are vastly experienced Airline and Corporate Jet Pilots on many different aircraft types. Their experience is used to demonstrate particular scenarios and add relevance to the concepts covered in the manual.

You will be encouraged to participate in discussions as much as possible and to share your experiences with the class.

Simtech Aviation is a centre of aviation excellence that is on par with the best in Europe and globally.

With over 20,000 square feet available at the Simtech facility, conveniently located next to Dublin Airport; the entire building has been designed from the ground up to maximise your learning, comfort and flexibility. Please note. Bring your own iPad/tablet required throughout the course.


*Prices are excl. accommadation


Exclusive BRICS price

€100 Discount to Brics students

Accomodation €800.00

Your accommodation cost includes a buffet breakfast and all transfers between Dublin Airport, the Clayton Hotel and Simtech Aviation throughout your course.

No VAT charged on Pilot Training in Ireland

Ready for takeoff?

Please be aware that stated amount of hours and prices apply to the minimum mandatory required flight training and may be subject to change depending on trainees performance.

Note* NOT INCLUDED IN PACKAGE PRICE: Please note that according to the EASA FCL.710 of the Part-FCL Regulation EC 1178/2011 a familiarisation flight is required. This is in order to extend the privileges to another variant of the aeroplane within the same class rating. This flight is not included in the package price and consists of a 1 hour flight according below price list.This also applies to the Night Rating which requires a flight of 1h 20min due to the aeroplane insurance policy. These prices include instruction, briefing, de- briefing, ground school, aircraft rental, organisation of the skill test, landing fees, CAA fees and Examiner fees.

There are no hidden fees!

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