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We believe that good quality training should be performed on aircraft which meet the high standards in the Airline Industry. To get used to an environment in which airlines operate, one must know and understand basic instruments as well as glass cockpits.

Our students are being trained according to the highest standards.

The fleet used for professional flight training
consists of the following aircraft:

Tecnam P2006T

  • Twin Engine
  • Glass cockpit
  • Retractable landing gear
Tecnam P2002Jf

Tecnam P2002Jf

  • Single Engine
  • Glass cockpit
  • Low wing

Cessna 150 / 152

  • Single Engine
  • Analog Cockpit
  • High wing

Pipistrel Virus

  • Single Engine
  • Glide Ratio 17:1
  • Night VFR approved

Cessna 172

  • Single Engine
  • IFR equipped
  • High wing

Cirrus SR22​

  • 3-Blade propellor
  • Advanced Wheel Fairings
  • Glass Cockpit
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