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Flying lessons

Flying is your goal

You have one goal and that is to become a pilot. By taking your flying lessons and gaining your pilot license you are able to become an airline pilot and fly for airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Iberia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways and many more. The lifestyle of an airline pilot involves a lot of travel. This can be from cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai and many others around the world.

How to become a pilot

The first step in pilot training, before you can start exploring the world, are flying lessons that will eventually result in your pilot licence. An important aspect is a good health. Before you can start your lessons you will need to undergo a medical examination. As a pilot you are expected to be in good health. After all, as a pilot you will be responsible for your passengers, sometimes hundreds of them!

Zero to frozen ATPL


Specially designed for aspiring airline pilots. You will be trained from zero to ready for a pilot job with an international airline.



Act as a pilot-in-command (PIC), flying VFR on a single-engine piston land airplane for non-commercial purposes.

ATPL theory


ATPL theory distance learning can progress at your own pace using the state of the art of system of Padpilot.



You have your PPL(A) and decided you want to continue to towards a career as a commercial pilot. We offer complete CPL-ME/IR packages.



Trains single seat pilots in the team skills for safe operation of complex, multi crew aircraft.



An enhanced version of the standard MCC course to become airline ready.



In order to convert your ICAO license to EASA you need to meet special requirements.

Flying lessons and your medical examination - Class 1 Medical

Prior to starting your flying lessons, it is important to undergo a medical examination, to ensure you can continue. The medical examination required to fly commercial aircraft is known as the Class 1 medical. During this examination, the doctor will go through the following items:

Once you have passed the medical examination and got your Class 1 Medical you are ready to start your flying lessons!

Becoming a pilot;
ATPL (air transport pilot license)

If you want to fly as a pilot in the airline industry, you will need a CPL with ME/IR license. Also known as the ‘frozen’ ATPL. With this license you will be able to fly commercial jets such as the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320. Both aircraft are known to be the most popular short-haul aircraft around the world. And there is a good chance that you will end up flying one of these aircraft in the future.

Course Structure

The pilot training and flying lessons consist of a medical examination followed by a theoretical and practical part.

The theory aspect is often referred to as ATPLs or ATPL exams, consisting of 14 subjects to pass. There are also numerous stages of practical flight training in aircraft and simulators.

The modules are as follows:

Course duration

18 to 24 months

Entry requirements

In order to start your flying lessons, you will need to comply with the following entry requirements:


  • Minimum 17 years


  • Completed secondary education (high school), with passes in English, Mathematics and Physics.

Medical certification

  • EASA Class 1 Medical


£ 49.525 (€57.950 Euro)

Training Locations

Netherlands, Poland and Ireland


Excited to embark your journey as a pilot? Submit your application with all required documents and we will get back to you shortly.

After completing your pilot training (Pilot Jobs)

Once you have completed your pilot training together with your commercial pilot license, you are ready to apply for a wide variety of pilot jobs. With your commercial pilot license you are able to apply for a job as a First Officer or Second Officer with an international airline. 

There are various pilot jobs available such as flying cargo, passengers or private jets. At Brics Aviation we have an extensive network and use this to help and guide you towards your first pilot job. Support will be provided continuously until you find a pilot job.

Flying lessons and Covid-19

Due to COVID-19, the world has changed a lot. The number of flights have been reduced drastically. Governments discourage their citizens to travel and the impact on the aviation industry is immense. Despite the setbacks, at Brics Aviation we remain positive. Vaccinations have been developed successfully and many people are being vaccinated as we speak. According the experts the demand for flying will return as of the summer of 2021 and 2022. In the US the demand for flights have reached new records since the start of the crisis.


The costs for flying lessons may differ significantly and depend on which training phase you enter. When you choose our zero to frozen ATPL program, the total costs are £ 49.524 (€ 57.950,-)

Flying lessons have been resumed already. Travel restrictions vary significantly depending on which country you are travelling from. You may face delays if your country prevents travel due to COVID-19 restrictions.
If you haven’t started flying lessons yet we recommend you to start with the theory. By the time you have completed the theory the aviation industry will be recovering. Giving you the opportunity to complete flight lessons when international airlines start to hire pilots again. Experts predict that recovery will take place from the summer 2021 onwards.

It would be nice to take your flying lessons near to where you live. However a factor that can be of influence are the costs. The costs may vary significantly per flight school. We at Brics Aviation offer fair prices for flying lessons.

Professional pilot training is free of VAT.

You may apply from age 17 but can only begin training as of 18 years of age.

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