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You have one goal, and that is to become an airline pilot.
When you are planning a career as an airline pilot, you are required to pass all of the ATPL theory subjects.

Our ATPL theory is based on the EASA 2020 syllabus. It will prepare you for the EASA ATPL theory exams.

The ATPL theory distance learning course has been designed in a very efficient way. As a result, to better understand and be prepared to successfully pass all EASA ATPL theory exams.

The Padpilot material is easy to use because we use a combination of interactive images and video’s. As a result, making it easier for you to understand.

 ***Due to the current situation with COVID-19 all classroom-based training will be undertaken via remote video link until further notice***


€ 2.999,-

€ 2.500,-


Before, during and after your flying lessons we provide a personal contact service. This intails response within 24 hours via our Whatsapp service, scheduled phone-calls or video-calls regarding your aviation training. High quality and professional support in terms of theory, practical, aviation legislation and documentation. Once applied you will directly receive all necessary information.

What is the difference between the old and the new 2020 syllabus?

Compared to the old ATPL theory syllabus, the Learning Objectives (LO’s) are more up to date. Many unnecessary knowledge requirements removed. There is also more emphasis to new procedures and technologies.

For example, details about the separation rules applied to aircraft by air traffic controllers have gone, in return having a more in-depth knowledge of new avionics, new datalink communication procedures, and more about airplane automation.

No longer do you need to remember all the qualifications criteria for a CPL or ATPL. Because EASA accepts that you can look it up in the books.

The new syllabus still refers to some legacy technology. But it’s a lot more clearer, focused and relevant to modern airline operations in comparison to the old one.

There is also the new KSA-100 (Knowledge Skills Attitude – 100) which aims more on the soft skills and to test a student’s attitude to training. Not just the technical skills and knowledge.


Our ATPL theory includes the following:

Padpilot’s ATPL
Learning Management System

Computer-based training with interactive images and video's. Easy to understand.

Classroom-based exam-preparation sessions

Exam based ATPL brush-ups that will help you to get fully prepared.

You have a total of 6 sittings to pass all ATPL theory exams, and For every subject you have 4 attempts.

ATPL theory Phase 1

  • 022 – Instrumentation
  • 061 – General Navigation
  • 050 – Meteorology
  • 040 – Human Performance and Limitations

ATPL theory Phase 2

  • 062 – Radio Navigation
  • 021 – Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Plant and Emergency Equipment
  • 010 – Air Law
  • 033 – Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring
  • 090 – Communications. This subject has two separate exams: VFR Communications and IFR Communications, but we combine them on the course. ***

ATPL theory Phase 3

  • 071 – Operational Procedures
  • 081 – Principles of Flight
  • 032 – Performance
  • 031 – Mass and Balance
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