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As Brics Aviation we attach great importance and value to provide the best service and professional pilot training for our students. Below you can read the experience from our graduate students that finished their training with us.

Nick Bird



I found the entire experience with Brics to be fantastic!

My first encounter with Brics Aviation was via LinkedIn and it was solid all the way from there. I am British citizen and was looking for a British issued license. My main contact has always been with Abdelaziz and I cannot remember when I last received such great customer service, especially for a product that I didn’t even have to pay for.

There has always been a steady stream of contact from Brics Aviation at all stages of my journey and I have always felt fully supported.

The application process was simple and straight forward. A quick exercise to exchange details and license/experience information. My contact was always with Brics Aviation up and until I arrived at the training facility. Even after completing with the school, Brics Aviation still assisted with questions. Nothing was ever a problem for them.

The relationship with all parties works well because everyone is professional and very keen to look after the students to ensure they come out with not only a pass, but a solid customer experience as well.

The relationship with Brics Aviation is a good one and I enjoyed my time at the training facility completely. All the information and details provided by Brics Aviation on the school was accurate. The school provided professional training at all times. The time scale was very quick, but at all times manageable. The quick turnaround and low cost was a great combination. At no time did I feel rushed or lacking in instruction. The instructors are all of a high standard and I gained plenty of knowledge. The equipment, accommodation and overall facilities were great.

Abdelaziz has continued to provide a post qualification experience that has been fantastic, he is continuously searching and providing me with job availability for airlines that are looking for pilots, this has been a great help.

I would have no hesitation to recommended Brics Aviation again and was delighted at every step along the way.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear I was one of the first students train with Brics Aviation. The way everything went and how the team performed made me think that there had been plenty of students before me. This just shows you the level of professionalism provided by Brics Aviation.

Thank you all for the time and assistance.

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Anita van der Merwe



My overall experience with Brics Aviation was good, Brics Aviation was available almost 24/7 with any questions I had. It was great to know that they are only a phone call away.

Quality of service

The quality of service was satisfying. Although I experienced some issues with the school I chose, Brics Aviation was willing to go the extra mile to offer me other options. It’s great to know that you wont be stuck, should things not go according to plan at the school of your choice. Brics Aviation is associated with different schools which gives you the flexibility.


The support from Brics was great from the day I inquired about my training in Poland. I received lots of useful information prior to starting my training. Brics Aviation was in constant contact with the school to follow up on the students progress and nothing was ever too much hassle for them. 

Ankur Tokas



I would like to thank Brics Aviation for being the last in my training in which I could still fly planes for fun, learning and growing my knowledge in the aviation world. This will help me in my future career. 

Overall experience was great, especially with Naji who was always at your disposal to solve any issues on matters we had. 

In aviation we all know that things can come unexpected and our ”big enemy” the weather made some of my training boring and sedentary, which resulted in waiting and waiting for clear skies. But in the environment of friendly people who became almost like a family to me that boring time flies by quicker than you can imagine.

I cannot thank Brics Aviation enough for the professional support they provided in my dream of becoming a pilot. If could go back in time I would choose Brics Aviation as a first choice with no hesitation.

Mustafa Özkan



My experience with Brics Aviation was seamless, from initial outreach to signing my training contract, followed by starting my course in Poland. I was assisted with everything along the way. Although I was met with challenges and obstacles during my training, at no cause of Brics Aviation, the guys at Brics Aviation where there to answer all my questions and worries for what I was facing. Overall I had a great experience!

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Yasin Barco



– How would you describe your overall experience with Brics?

I am quite happy with my choice after doing an extensive research of schools all over Europe. They were able to adapt to the starting dates I requested. One of the best things of the school is that they have the maintenance facilities, simulator rooms, hotel, offices… in the same place, which is very convenient. Aircrafts are well maintained and the instructors are excellent and supportive.

– Quality of service?

I started on the 2nd of February and finished on the 13th of March, which is brilliant provided it’s winter.

– Our Support?

Brics Aviation has been very supportive both before starting the course and during my training. 

Niamh Whyte



I completed my training in December 2019 along with the support of Brics Aviation. I completed training for a Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi-engine, Instrument Rating as well as familiarisation and hour building on the P2002-JF.  This was one of the most useful and informative courses throughout my training and transition to Multi-engine was made with ease. This was largely down to the in-depth knowledge and experience of the instructors, both in the classroom and in the aircraft.

Brics also provided me with excellent study materials prior to starting the training. The instructors were demanding of a high standard performance however this was done in a friendly and constructive way, making it easy to quickly grasp new concepts. Brics arranged my training as per my request. The training was completed quickly, taking me just 10 weeks to complete 50 pic hours along with MEP(L), CPL and IR/ME training. However, at no point felt too intense or rushed. 



Juhani Hietanen



My experience with Brics Aviation was great. It took me 6 weeks to complete my ME/IR/CPL training. Instructors were really professional. Some are former military pilots and some are current airline pilots. Accommodation was nice and new and it was on the airport so there was no travelling to the airport and back. Support from Brics Aviation is really good even after the course. I highly recommend Brics Aviation!

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Ricky David Boor



Brics was a very nice experience for me…… The facilities and accommodation were really really good……. Nice rooms with ensuite and the flight training rooms were also very nice with computers and printers for accessing and printing flight information. Brics Aviation uses ATO’s located near to Torun, a medieval city with lots of nice restaurants and a good cultural atmosphere…… The value for money is amazing. You can eat a nice cooked meal and have a drink of your choosing for less than £4.50 GBP or 24 ZL polish

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Conor Starrs



I visited various flight schools in Poland and Brics Aviation was an easy choice for me.

The fleet of aircraft is well maintained and equipped with top class avionics (g1000 and g650). Best of all maintenance is done onsite; so when an aircraft goes tech it isn’t out of service for very long.

The instructors at the training facility are great – a varied mix of ex military, airline (some still active) first officers and captains.

The accommodation is cheap, and it’s also really nice. Staying onsite really helps, removing the hassle of travel each day, so you can spend more time studying or planning the next flight.

I had a lot of fun at the training facility, I completed the course quickly, and the price was lower than anywhere else – with no compromise on quality.

I have no hesitation in recommending Brics Aviation. Brics aviation coordinated my enrollment, and also provided high quality course study material to help me through the CPL and ME/IR.

The instructors at the training facility are amazing….. My training was split between 4 instructors…… 3 on the aircraft and 1 for the sim…. The 3 I had for the a/c training comprised of 2 ex fighter jet pilots and 1 serving Embraer as a captain…. All very experienced and calm informative instructors. The sim instructor was a real character….. Retired airline captain with 18000 hours and very patient and helpful.

My examiner was a serving Boeing Dreamliner captain and again very experienced.

The flight school have great aircraft comprising of
4 Tecnam 2006T fitted with G1000 glass cockpits
3 tecnam 2002 fitted with glass cockpits
2 Cessna 172
2 Cessna 150

The simulator was a new Alsim ALX27 FNPT II and a really high specification based on a PA44 MEP with full glass cockpit and fully automated. The training facility have they’re own maintenance workshop on site so the a/c are very quickly serviced and repaired if anything happens to make the a/c u/s…. They get them sorted very quickly.

From start to finish it took me 5 weeks to complete my CPL-ME/IR. Really really efficient and to a very high standard and a total cost of €17000 which is really well priced considering the average UK price is nearly double that.

I would highly recommend Brics Aviation to anyone looking for a good quality flight school.

5 star rating from me!!

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Duncan Hewitson



I completed my CPL-ME/IR training in July 2019 with support from Brics Aviation. The team were great in mentoring me through the course, and continue to provide career advice as I begin the search for my first airline role.

I can’t recommend them enough for pilots looking to begin their flight training in Poland.

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