Brics Aviation is an official partner of Adriana Aviation. We guide and advise students during their flight training in Poland. We provide clear information on the training and the associated costs. As enthusiastic and passionate airline pilots we have the knowledge and experience. We use this to help the students during their training in Poland. For example, we introduce the students to the Polish aviation authorities. We introduce them to the world of aviation legislation. To support and act as a source of information when necessary.


During this program you will be trained from 0 to become a professional airline pilot. Also known as the 0 to frozen ATPL track. After successful completion you will achieve the EASA frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). Ready for your first airline job!


This program is for PPL(A) holders who already have some experience. The training is according a syllabus wich is specially designed for you. After successful completion you will achieve the EASA frozen ATPL. Ready for your first airline job! This program is also known as the modular EASA MEP(L)+ME/IR+CPL.



Before commencing your flight training at Adriana Aviation Flight Academy you will need to meet some minimum requirements. There is a minimum age and you have to be in top shape to get your Medical Class I. But there is more…


Adriana Aviation is a fully EASA certified Approved Training Organization (ATO). All instructions are given in English and the theory plus practical lessons are provided according the highest industry standards.

Adriana Aviation is one of the largest aviation educators in Poland and has many years of experience in training professional pilots.

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