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About us

We are a fully independent professional flying lessons provider.

We are specialized in offering professional flight training. Through our experience and student feedback we improve and innovate. We are the marketleader in providing student pilot service through excellence. But also training aspiring Airline Pilots to grading level. Preparing them to become Airline Ready.

Choosing Brics Aviation means choosing succes

Our core values


Our way of working has proven to be successful. So far our students have been hired by several major airlines. Our professional guidance is supported from our own experience being active airline pilots. By pilots for pilots.

To become an airline pilot one must possess pre determined qualities. Our students receive an intens training according to the highest standards. Because our pilot cadets must possess the right skills to become an airline pilot.

Being a successful pilot requires a combination of skills. It’s not all mathematical and technical. You also have to think creatively, act under pressure, and adopt a mentality fitting for a role of such great responsibility. Pilots not only require leadership qualities; they also have to communicate and work well as part of a team.

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